Hi, everyone - Symon here.
As of 2012, I have officially retired from show business.
For reasons of health (among other reasons) I am no longer playing the sax, accepting offers for recordings, collaborating or performing.
I had a GREAT time in my 30-year career and I am very grateful for the experiences I had. It was a privelege working with so many talented musicians, but
the party is over and it's time to move on.   I have since sold or given away all of my studio equipment. I'm DONE.

The full story, in abbreviated form, is here.

Some of my original music may still be available for purchase online. Please know in advance that even though I wrote these songs and paid out of my own pocket to have them to have them professionally recorded, I NEVER SEE A DIME from the sale of these recordings.

In blatent violation of U.S. and International copyright law, my original recordings have been PIRATED and are being sold for a profit without my permission.

On a happier note: you might be able to watch some videos of the band that I put up on YouTube, if YouTube still exists at this point. My incredibly talented wife Diane makes a cameo appearance in at least two of these videos - va-va-VOOM!).

I had also written a new album containing twelve brand new songs titled Another Second Childhood which was completed right before I left San Francisco. This work has never been released, and probably will go down in history as the Lost Album of Symon's New Blue Diamonds.

And finally, the very last track I ever recorded was a cheesy overdub using a stolen bed track. This one may still be available here.

As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." So I'll close now one last time:

"We're Symon's New Blue Diamonds. Thank you, and good night!"